Contributed by Deauke Robbens, Healthy Habits & Leadership Coach

Want a Different You? Develop Different Habits!

Habits are personal. We can state that a good habit is one that helps you move forward in life, while a bad habit is one that is keeping you from realizing your life goals.

Given the crisis state of the world today, most of us have our routines (which are actually stacked habits) seriously disrupted. And this may actually be a good thing, if they were not great in the first place.

There are habits you have had for years, some since you changed jobs last, some since you got married, some even since childhood.

Think about which behaviors here you relate to most:

You come home and mindlessly drop your coat, keys and phone wherever because you are trying to push off your over excited dog, while scolding him.

Or, you come home, give your dog the sit-stay command while you hang up your coat and put your keys in their designated spot. You then give your dog the release command and cuddle him with all your attention.

Other scenario. You head to your (unmade) bed way past your ideal bed time, scroll through your phone, check your inbox one last time, forget to put your phone on airplane. (An incoming email alert will wake you up in the middle of the night).

Or, an hour before bed, you start your bedtime routine. Brush teeth, put phone on silent, plug it in, set table for breakfast, stretch 5 minutes, get in bed, sleep.

These daily routines are not to be taken lightly. They will eventually determine what kind of person you are and how successful you will be in life.

With today’s crisis and most of us being in our home more than ever, if you are not careful, bad habits will creep in. And they are bound to haunt you in ‘life after corona’.

Often it is not until someone points out a bad habit of yours that you become aware of it. Awareness is the first step to change, so next time, instead of feeling insulted when your partner makes a remark about you leaving dirty dishes in the sink or your increased late night snacking, say ‘Thank you, honey, for helping me increase my awareness.’

Remember, no awareness, no change, and I’m sure you too prefer your kitchen clean and your body in shape, right?


A little bit more about Deauke!

In 2014, I moved from Belgium to the United States and I went on a year long quest to find my purpose. And just like that, I was ‘an accidental entrepreneur’.

From HIIT and yoga instructor in my own studio, to yoga with horses instructor, to equine assisted personal development facilitator, to group program designer for a healthier lifestyle, all of my learnings combined with my own personal challenge to conquer mental and physical obstacles and my quest to becoming the best version of myself – by my clients now labeled as ‘the Badass Belgian’ – my core mission today is to share my insights with other professional women worldwide (men are welcome too), and guide them through the roadmap that is my blueprint to live a life of ‘HappyHealthy and a Little Badass Ever After’.

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