Contributed by Shane Borza, MHR, Certified ICF(c) Coach

Regardless of whether you are a busy professional or athlete, you need to perform at the highest possible level. But how best to do that?

In popular culture, most of the advice given for performance, physical training, rest, nutrition, recovery, and the like is often wrong. And, while it may not hurt you, it definitely will not enable you to get the most out of the least.

After thirty years as a mountain athlete, coach, teacher, trainer, and guide, I have developed an overall strength, conditioning, and performance program called Total Mountain Fitness. This minimalist program addresses training, yes, but also recovery, sleep, nutrition, and energy. 

Regardless of whether you are outdoors, or in the office, your time would be best spent pursuing what you do. Stop spending your limited time and energy on things which do not serve you! Most of us are juggling jobs, family, long commutes, hobbies, and side hustles. This means we do not have the time, energy, or focus, we wish we did. As such, the little training, recovery, sleep, and nutrition we do get is not only important – it is imperative.

If you would like to learn what true fitness is (and isn’t), how you can use the universal human movements to your advantage, and how recovery may just be the most important thing you do, then please join me on a Mastermind Group call this week. To do so, simply contact me at

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