contributed by Craig Hardel

Changes can be a dime or dozen.

As the days go by and the years come and go quickly so much opportunity comes our way. As good and plentiful as these are, they could also confuse you. From advances in artificial intelligence to cryptocurrency we’re becoming more distracted.

Technology adds options, yet it also piles on much complexity. How we use our time and spend our days and even perceive ourselves is determined by it.

But one thing remains constant. Your Life and your unique journey

We can rationalize all that we want, we never regret what we did but what we didn’t. 

We never lose sleep on what we get easily but what eluded us.

The toughest pill you can swallow is the one of regret

With that said, let me ask you

Are you selling yourself short?

What could you have done that you didn’t?

What did you want to be when you were a child?

What is that dream you once had as a child, that you’ve given up on?

and the most important question: why?

Actually take 10 minutes while reading this post and do it.

Your life’s truth should be staring you right in the face.

You see many of you shoot yourselves in the foot and make excuses for it.

You resort to blaming your parents, your spouse, a bad boss, the weather, the government.

But we never blame ourselves. One one person with the most control

The one who could actually do something rather than just speak about it.

And that’s where the downward spiral starts.

Unless you don’t examine every area of your life and become clear on what success means there to you, you’ll never get there. It’s like walking on plank in the dark.

We lack direction , purpose and drive in our daily actions because we have no vision for our best selves.

Therefore when a bad situation smashes the fan, we’re dumbfounded and have absolutely no resolve to push through.

We blame our failures on bad luck and other people or external entities. But truly the problem is actually you.

Even with things you seemingly can’t control

Here are some guiding questions

What are your values?

What will you never compromise on?

Who do you admire and why?

What are you afraid of?

Who am I afraid of and what does that say    about you?

How can I get what I want out of life?

Be careful! Please don’t write off these questions as overly simplistic.

In this modern era, common sense isn’t that common.

In our increasingly progressive and interconnected technological landscape, you must know what you want.


And you must not compromise.

That’s where people get tripped up.

They blame their environment and other fallacies for not going after their heart’s desire.

Let me ask you

What really moves you?

What excites you to get out of bed every morning?

What has you laughing like a kid just thinking about it?

What’s scary, challenging and exciting at the same time?

What do you deeply want to achieve but afraid of?

Your potential lies there.

We naturally move towards the realities and circumstances that we focus on and have the strongest emotional attention to. 

Don’t let modern luxury and comfort blind you. You can get it on sale and have it prime shipped to your door.

But you can’t ship personal success and fulfillment.

It takes sacrifice and overcoming unforeseen challenges to live a life worth living.

Some of us have different obstacles others reach our goals much faster with more opportunities. 

But whatever your “advantage” it is counterbalanced by a fault somewhere.

It is up to you to look at and understand what that is, and use it well.

Remember happiness doesn’t simply come from having stuff, it comes from fulfillment of conquering your highest mountains and reaching your full potential.

Everyone’s best self and full potential is different. Focus on sculpting yours and there’s no need to become envious of anyone else’s success.

In fact use others’ wins as motivation to get ahead.

It may seem tough but once you fall in love with what the best version of you looks like and comitt to its pursuit, you won’t have the time or mental energy to hate, gossip or become envious.

It won’t always be easy but you’ll realize the greatest resistance and barrier was all in your mind and it’s imposed limitations.

Be brave, be bold and don’t settle in life. You’re on this planet for a reason and it’s your duty to make the most of your limited time.

Don’t settle in your relationships, job / business, financial prospects and always seek better

Do not let the low standards of others and your own laziness put you off that path.

You don’t have to be a crazy perfectionist, but you have to fall in love with the highest version of you and the process of getting there..

Only then will you truly be successful.

If you want to Take back control of your life and smash past your limiting beliefs, and develop a concise plan to reach your highest levels of success, book your free Personal Breakthrough session here.

Stop waiting and dreaming, start living.


Craige Hardel is an Mindset & Life Optimization Coach and has been helping ambitious people get past their limiting beliefs and reach their next biggest goals. He is from the Island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean and is the creator of the Life Awakening System and the Take Back your Life Coaching program.  He is passionate about helping people become their best selves and live lives to their full potential. Life Awakening System