by Deauke Robbens, Healthy Habits & Leadership Coach

Oh the baggage we all carry and the scars we all wear… from
negative interactions, from painful or harmful experiences. They
continue to shape who we are, how we think, the choices we
make and the actions we take today.

But we are not our past, we are not our genes, we are not our
parents, we are not our mental illness. Only when we can shed
our layers, and go back to our core self, our basics, we can
reveal our beautiful, pure, authentic self.

Conventional counseling or therapy and revealing your deepest
(darkest) thoughts to a stranger in an office setting does not
always bring the breakthrough people hope for.

And as countless studies have proven the benefits of the
outdoors and of nature, Equine Assisted Coaching was born.
What better way to go back to your basics then to go out in
nature and interact with the powerful and amazing creature that
has been on this planet for over 50 million years: The Horse.
Interacting with horses invites you into a different world, one of
stillness, without spoken words. There is no past, there is no
future, there is only The Present.

With the horse as your teacher, you are encouraged to think out
of the box, become solution oriented instead problem focused.

You are invited to self reflect, without judgment, to self discover,
and you are given the permission – regardless of who and where
you’ve been – to go back to the person you innately are, and we
all are – loving, kind, curious, compassionate, content.
If you are STUCK in any way (life, relationships, with yourself,
work, goals), and this has you feeling:
• Angry, e.g. with people who’ve wronged you…
• Frustrated, e.g. by opportunities you haven’t received…
• Limited, e.g. by obstacles that prevent you from making changes…

• Discouraged, e.g. by failures and setbacks…
• Ashamed of yourself, e.g. for mistakes you’ve made…
• Disappointed in yourself, e.g. for making the “wrong” choices…

• Anxious, e.g. about everything that isn’t working in your life… then congratulations! 1. You’re human. 2. We’ll use some horsepower to finally get you un-stuck!