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Whether you are seeking Mentoring, Coaching or a safe & private Master Mind Group where you can "air things out." We have the setting and forum you're looking for. Because, in the words of famous author, Ken Blanchard, "None of us is as smart as all of us!"

Business Growth

When you participate in professionally oriented groups, you will get intelligence on how to interpret the data & situations to move forward with maximum impact

Content Creation & Curation

As the network grows... as our archives grow in diversity... our curated content will be available in both limited and subscribed fashion in the very near future. Get on the list!

Master Mind Coaching

It's not just a master mind, and it's not just coaching ... it's the edgy combination of the two. Get perspective and inform your beliefs, actions & behavior.

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You need to bring in new perspectives.  AND, others need your perspective.  Whether your want to get a new perspective, get a new lease on things, or you want to grow your network - you need to join today!  Join the list now!

Our people oriented network designed, shaped, framed to help you achieve maximum performance personally & professionally.

WHAT is your nexus? if you don’t have one, then NOW is the time.

where human performance meets human perspective in community

~This is the Solve Network~ Shane & Ben

Multi-faceted perspectives of a wide range of professionals

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It is not just about bringing awareness to those around us, it is bringing awareness of ourselves - attitudes, speech and behaviors to improve results.

Problem Solving

While we risk the negativity of saying "problems" need to be solved. It is the language with which we all have grown to understand ... Let's Solve them!

None of Us

In the words of Ken Blanchard, "None of us is as smart as all of us..." Our ability to compress timeframes in solving challenges comes directly from adding perspectives, expertise & experience.

Human Relations

We all need a safe place in which to air concerns, fly the test balloons of ideas, and get real time feedback from real people about the things we are afraid to verbalize out loudv - normally.

Compress Time

This is also built around the idea of crowd sourcing. We have heard of crowd funding. We have heard of crowd resourcing. This is Crowd Solving - not in the sense of having hundreds see your challenge on display ... rather a focused group of people bringing their expertise & care to bear


In order to provide a quality experience in a virtual environment, if is critical that we stay focused and intent on what is going on ... this can have the benefit of helping you be better focused when you're with other important people - like family.

Practice Presenting

A safe environment to hone your craft as a coach, mentor or speaker ... we are always looking for and adding quality folks to the Network. If you are a Master at solving particular challenges in today's warp speed business environment - then apply to become a Master Solver.

Coach | Mentor | Subject Matter Expert

Whether you are an SME on Climate Change, a Spiritual Mentor, or a human performance coach - this is an environment where we teach, coach, speak, encourage, and push those in the Network to greater heights. What's missing? Right now it's YOU!

Master solver News

From the depths of our blog & hearts

Horse Powered Coaching

by Deauke Robbens, Healthy Habits & Leadership Coach Oh the baggage we all carry and the scars we all wear… fromnegative interactions, from painful or harmful experiences. Theycontinue to shape who we are, how we think, the choices wemake and the actions we take today. But we are not our past, we are not our…

Road Trip/In The Car Tips

by Shane Borza, Ultimate Performance Coach & Mind-Body Fitness Expert Several years ago, a friend and I drove my Uncle’s car cross country. We were taking it from the West coast to the East coast as he and his family were moving and couldn’t drive it, their other car, and the moving truck all at…

Leadership & EQ

by Valerie Jennings, Executive Coach Executive Leadership, EQ and Radical Candor Congrats! You got a big promotion. The raise, the leadership role, the recognition. But if along with the incredible perks you envisioned, you got a few things you weren’t expecting, you’re not alone. According to one study, 61% of executives felt they weren’t prepared…

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Problems can overwhelm

You need to learn how to positively examine your emotions, re-frame your reactions, and proactively pursue solutions ~ that’s how you “surf” the waves of overwhelm that seem to pound relentlessly on your heart, mind & body … 



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